About Us

In recent years, significant growth of Islamic Business worldwide has stimulated many opportunities across industries. With over 40 years  experience in Hospitaliy Industry, starting in 1992, PT. Sofyan Hotels Tbk. has been able o prove the success of Halal and Sharia compliance hotel operation through its impact on hotel revenue and corporate culture.

Capitalizing its experience and expertise PT. Sofyan Hotels Tbk. established a strategic unit namely Sofyan Hospitality.

Ever since its  establishment, Sofyan  Hospitality has become a gateway for Hospitality Facilities and Services providers and investors to develop Halal and Sharia compliance operations, providing solution for halal or sharia compliant management system, such as SOP, Policy and Guidelines, Operating manuals and Training Progam that are refered to the fatwas of the Indonesian Ulema Councinl (Majelis Ulama Indonesia or MUI), standard set by LPOM MUI, the Assessment Institute for Food, Drugs and Cosmetics, the Indonesian Council of Ulama and other best practices standards in the Hospitality Industry.

Sofyan Hospirality works on partnership and business relationship model where mutual benefits and welfare are shared, to develop halal compliance system in the tourism industry, such as for hotels, restaurants, tour and travel, transportation provider, spas, mall and shopping centers, theme parks, recreation venues, hospitals and other related industries, also for any tourism destination in general which aims to reach out to Muslim market while still serving for other markets with no flaws.