About Us

Since 1992, the company have developed a new concept instilling the substance of the Halal Concept in the Hospitality Industry that can be accepted by the market. With our new paradigm of selling, we re-engineered our products and services, and innovated to develop compelling halal compliant products & services to cater the needs of the market therefore it can be accepted by all. It is designed to leave an impression of comfort, authenticity, and kinship that comes from the values, tradition and culture that creates genuine hospitality and a heartfelt welcoming experience to our patrons.

With over 45 years of experience in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry, Sofyan Hospitality International, under the umbrella of Sofyan Corporation, is offering its expertise in management and consultancy services for virtually every type of hospitality and tourism operations.

Sofyan Hospitality International was acknowledged as:

  • Was given certificate of excellence by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism due to its expertise for 25 years in Halal Hospitality.

  • Accredited to be the 1st company certified as Sharia Compliant Business entity by The National Sharia Board-Indonesia Ulama Council (DSN-MUI).

  • And in compliance with Good Corporate Governance Sharia Compliant Business by The National Committee of Corporate Policy and Governance (KNKG).

We work on partnership and business relationship models where mutual benefits and welfare are shared to develop halal compliance system in the hospitality and tourism industry. Such as for hotels, restaurants, tour and travel, shopping center, and other related industries or even any tourism in general that aim to be a halal compliant while still serving a wide market.