• Establishing a Hotel in Menteng

    • Early 70’s was the beginning for the corporation to venture in the property business by establishing a small 20 rooms hotel in Menteng, elite area in the center of Jakarta.
  • The Pioneers of Hotel Business in Indonesia

    • Later in the development became well acknowledged by the business community, central government, local government of DKI Jakarta, to be a national company as one of the pioneers of hotel business in Indonesia.
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) of PT SOFYAN HOTELS Tbk

    • With the strategic partner in financial sector, in the year 1989, the corporation handled the process of Initial Public Offering (IPO) of PT SOFYAN HOTELS Tbk. shares which was oversubscribed by 300%
  • Developed a Comprehensive Management System

    • Then, in 1990, together with “Brookshire Hotels”, a second tier Hotel Management Company, Washington D.C., USA, developed a comprehensive management system, such as S.O.P, Operating Manuals, and other Management Tools, to ensure products and services quality, profesionalism and Good Corporate Governance.