Hospitality & Tourism Portfolio

Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia

1. Developing the concept, strategy, and programs to bring Indonesia as the Most Preferred Destination for Muslim Travelers

2. Preparing Tourism Ministry Regulation for Halal Tourism Destination and Businesses standardization and guidelines.

3. Destination development through conducting assessments, supervision planning, technical assistance, etc. in Top 10 Halal Tourism Destinations (Lombok, West Sumatera, Aceh, Jakarta, West Java, East Java, etc.)

4. Marketing and Promotion Development.

Ministry of Infrastructure, Land, and Tourism Halal Development Foundation Japan

Support in Promoting and Developing Japan Muslim Friendly Tourism and Halal Food and Beverage Industry

Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau






Providing assistance in tourism inspection, capacity building for the Okinawa prefecture and developing Halal tourism guide for Muslim visitors.

New Otani Hotel






Providing technical assistance in developing products and services for Muslim guests.