Our Contribution

The Halal concept is proven to be successful, evidently shown by the significant improvement of revenue in our company during transformation period to Halal compliance, leading the company to have 19 hotels in its portfolio throughout Indonesia with 7 hotels operated under Sofyan’s brand, 5 hotels operated under franchising schemes and others, while other 7 hotels are currently still undergoing development stages.

Authentic Hospitality in Harmony During its transformation period, Sofyan Hospitality experienced a significant increase in its revenues and hotels portfolio. Aside from developing Halal compliant products and services in the Hospitality industry, in 2002 the company begins to venture out into Tourism industry.

Sofyan Hospitality implemented the Halal Concept into the Tourism sector which led to the soft launching of Sharia Tourism in Surabaya, on 12th of December 2012 and Sofyan Hospitality has been actively developing Halal Tourism and providing consultancy services ever since.