• Developing Global Network of Indonesia Sharia Tourism

    SofyanHospitality, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, has collaborated with educators and industry players to develop a network and create programs for capacity building as well as joint programs. Sofyan Hospitality created the travel plan and meeting arrangements with all public and private entities to build a platform for networking and sharing of best practices among the various countries.

  • Indonesia Sharia Tourism - Soft Launch

    The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy soft launched Indonesia Sharia Tourism in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia on the 12  December 2012.

    The Event was symbolized by the launching of the prospectus of Sharia Tourism in Indonesia, the guidelines for Sharia Tourism industry players, and the Travel Guide for Indonesia Sharia Tourism destinations.

    1. Developing the Basic Concept of Indonesia Sharia Tourism, as a base for building a strategic blue print to ensure that Indonesia Sharia Tourism becomes a significant growth factor in the Indonesian tourism industry.
    2. Supporting and assisting the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to create awareness among the Indonesian travel and tourism industries.
    3. Developing Capabilities (Capacity Building) starting from developing standardization for the four main tourism industries, Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agents (Tour Operators) and Spas, to comply with Sharia Principles or to be Muslim and Family-Friendly in their products and services.
    4. Developing network relationships is crucial for the on-going Capacity Building Programs, collaboration and program sharing throughout the Sharia Compliant  Business and Industry Community in Indonesia and the world. 
    5. Developing network relationships is crucial for promoting and marketing Indonesia Sharia Tourism programs to the right channels.
  • Indonesia Sharia Tourism - Grand Launch

    The Ministry of Religion held a Grand Launching for the Indonesia Sharia Tourism at JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia on the 30  of October 2013.

    The event took place during the Indonesia International Halal Expo (INDHEX 2013) together with MUI LPPOM Halal Award 2013 and the Global Halal Forum theme “Wonderful Indonesia as a Muslim Friendly Destination” – with the participation of over 150 nationalities.

    Sofyan Hospitality assisted the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in developing Ministerial Sharia Policies, Standardization for Travel and Tourism industry players as well as professional certification programs.

    In relation to the Grand Launch, Sofyan Hospitality coordinated the conference, arranged all domestic and international speakers, and hosted the press conference Director General.

  • Re-launched The Movement of Islamic Economics (Gress)

    The President of the Republic of Indonesia re-launched the Movement of Islamic Economics, 17  November 2013 at the Cross Field at National Monument (Monas), DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Sofyan Hospitality initiated the collaboration of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Sharia Industries, Economic Societies in Indonesia (Sharia Banking-Insurance-Multi Level Marketing-Micro Finance) along with fourteen other Islamic business and economic associations. Together with the Communication Centre of Islamic Economics, the Movement of Islamic Economics (GRES) was launched, witnessed by the President, Mr. Yudhoyono, and his entourage.