• Promoting and Developing Islamic Tourism, Halal Food and Beverages in Japan

    Sofyan Hospitality received an honorary invitation throught HDFJ (Halal Development Foundation Japan) to visit Japan, and on the 20th January 2014 signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to develop and promote Sharia complaint tourism between Japan and Indonesia.

    Sofyan Hospitality with HDFJ pledges to lead and facilitate the development of Halal Friendly Travel, Hospitalityservices and facilities in Japan to stimulate significant growth in income from Sharia/Halal compliant industry, trade and tourism in the country.

  • The Visit of Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, of Japan, Mr. Manabu Sakai in Sofyan Hotel Betawi, Jakarta.

    To Observe and Study the ISO 9001-2008, Halal and Sharia Compliance Operational System in  Sofyan Hotels.

    11th February 2014 Japan Parliamentary Vice Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, Tourism (MILT) Mr Manabu Sakai, along with First secretary of the Embassy of Japan, Mr Kenji Kamite and other key personnel of MILT and Japan national Tourism Organization (JNTO) visited Jakarta, welcomed by Mr. Riyanto Sofyan as representative of Sofyan Hospitality and Mr. Yosuke Kato, the assistant of General Secretary of Halal Development Foundation Japan (HDFJ) in Sofyan Betawi to experience Sharia compliant hospitality. Their visit started at the launcheon meetings, savoring authentic Indonesia, Japanese, and Western halal fine dining while discussing the Sharia compliant market. After discussion, they took a tour of the rooms and facilities of Sofyan Hotel Betawi to gain more insight into Sharia compliant hospitality. The visit ended with a charter exchange and press conference with leading newspapers. 

  • Japan Halal Summit 2014 " Global Halal Trade - Opportunities for Japan" Tokyo - Japan, 4-5 August 2014

    Halal Development Foundation Japan (HDFJ) is a registered organization to develop and promote Halal Foods, Beverages, Halal Certification, Halal Economy, Halal Tourism, Halal Technologies, etc in Japan.

    The Halal Japan Summit would be attend by more than 150 delegates from 25 countries namely : Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Marroco, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, UEA, United Kingdom, USA, etc.