• Visiting of Director of the Islamic Tourism Center, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia

     The Visit of Director General of the Islamic Tourism Center, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Hj. Abdul Rahman Shaari, 12th September 2012.

    (To Observe, and Study the ISO 9001-2008 Sharia Compliance Operational System in Sofyan Hotels).

  • Joint Seminar on Islamic Tourism (JoSIT), Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia , February 2014

     As the follow up of Indonesia Sharia Tourism Soft Launch (in Surabaya 12  December 2012) and as part of the Indonesia Capacity Building Programs supported by Sofyan Hospitality. The joint seminar is aimed to create a common platform of understanding for industry players and therefore will give our region competitive edges in comparison to other non-ASEAN countries.

    Sofyan Hospitality supports such initiative by building the collaboration concept, coordinating the conference programs, as well as arranging the speakers/panelist to ensure a successful event.

    About the Seminar

    Islamic Tourism is gainirg popularity especially with the increase in the arrivals of Muslim tourists to Asia. Several countries such as Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia have been beneficiaries of the increase in the market share of Muslim tourists to this region.

    The development of Islamic tourism and travel has brought options to Muslim travellers. There is a need to develop customised / tailored tourism products and services to accomodate this dynamic and emerging market. Despite customised products and services to suit this segment of the market are still lacking while the demands for more exclusive facilities and services for Muslim tourists are increasing.

    There is a need to have a platform for the industry players particulary the accommodation providers to identify, analyse and discuss on the issues, opportunities and challanges as well as ideal approach in implementing suitable hospitality and services to cater for the Muslim guests.

    This inaugural Joint Seminar on Islamic Tourism (JoSIT) is a co-operation between the Islamic Tourism Centre (Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia), Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia, and PT. Sofyan Hotels Tbk - Sofyan Hospitality. The seminar will focus on enhancing the service and hospitality industry to cater to Muslim visitors to both countries and to the region.

    This seminar can be an ideal platform to promote integration and cooperation among ASEAN countries particulary in the development of Islamic tourism.